Another Monday ya’ll.  There are tons of events going on that Fil-Am’s are involved in.  We are everywhere, yet we can’t be seen.   I know it’s not in our culture to support our own (other than family, and that’s questionable sometimes), but if we do not change that behavior…we will remain to be unseen.

Do some research.  Find a Pinoy-Owned business that you don’t mind supporting.  By investing your money in OUR community, you will help keep Pinoy businesses visible to everyone out there.  Why support your own?  Well, most people do it out of pride.  Some do it because they are creators and builders.  Some see a bigger picture for the future of our children.  Can it happen?  Anything can happen if you have a vision.  Is that vision the same for everyone?

What do we all have in commons as Filipinos?

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