Message from JOE BATAAN

April 17th, 2012

June 23rd 2012 concert@LEHMAN COLLEGE BRONX NY 8PM JOE BATAAN/BLUE MAGIC—ticket info 718-960-8833 or for online tickets This announcement is on my FB PAGE AND WEBSITE—-address for concert is; LEHMAN CENTER 250 BEDFORD PARK BLVD WEST BRONX NY NY 10468 THANKS

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Let’s face it; our lifestyles makes us no stranger to stress. We work full-time jobs, raise families, pay bills, fight traffic, find time to eat properly, deal with difficult people and all this can take a toll on our physical and mental health.

Our featured Buy Pinoy business is Breathe Bodyworks, owned by Jenn Tamera. For the past seven years, Jenn has been evolving her mobile spa business into a more diverse holistic health community.

Breathe Bodyworks started off as a mobile spa company, bringing massage therapy to homes, corporate businesses and community events. Breathe Bodyworks not only provided a service; it’s soul purpose was also to educate the community about holistic health, well-being and healing.

Breathe Bodyworks teamed up with visual artist, Alfie Numeric, and formed a healing arts festival to Downtown LA called Soul Space. In 2005 and 2006, they hosted a day-long festival at coffee house/art gallery Lost Souls Cafe featuring workshops, massage therapy, reiki, musical performances, yoga classes and a month long art show.

Soul Space was present in the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture 2006 selling art from featured artists and successfully booking the whole day with on-site massage therapy by licensed practitioners.

Jenn Tamera is also the developer of Isagaya Flow, her version of yoga and massage combined. “Isa” means one & “gaya” means reflecting which describes her style of yoga massage; what energy you put out will be returned back to you.

n this workshop you reflect upon oneself. Flow rollers are used to roll out tight muscles & sustain pressure points. You will be guided through various postures & by the end of the workshop you will have created a personalized therapy session that is a perfect reflection of you. You will leave feeling like you just experienced a deep tissue massage, a deep stretch, & energetic clarity.

Travel Yoga: Yoga for your Active Lifestyle now available on DVD in

One of Jenn Tamera’s latest endeavors is her yoga instructional DVD called “Travel Yoga: Yoga For Your Active Lifestyle.” This DVD teaches how to decompress from travel stress and how taking time for yourself is important for your health. You can purchase the DVD on

If you are living in the Southern California area and you are interested in booking Jenn’s spa services, taking yoga or Isagaya Flow classes, want to learn about urban gardening or buying products regarding relaxation and health, connect with her at . Currently she is offering Spring Detox and energy  sessions, yoga on the beach by donations (suggested $10-20 donation but nobody will be turned away by the lack of funds,) or interested in her monthly Soul Space Garden, go to her website at for more information.

Or give Breathe Bodyworks a “like” on Facebook.

Breathe Bodyworks offers yoga on the beach by donation

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October 1st, 2011

Hi All,

Join our kababayans in San Diego for a fun filled day at the annual FilAmFest.

Support the effort and keep Filipino Festivals alive!

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AMIGO Opening Night Premiere – Benefit for FilAm ARTS / FPAC 20

Laemmle Monica 4 – Santa Monica

1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA

More Info
TICKETS/INFO: http://amigofilamartsbenef​
(Space is limited, advanced ticket purchase highly recommended.)

Benefit Tickets for Exclusive Screening, Q&A, and VIP Reception:
$30 by August 15, $35 after (until theater is sold out)

FilAm ARTS invites you to the Opening Night Benefit Premiere of
Starring Filipino acting legend Joel Torre and Academy Award ® Winner Chris Cooper
7:00pm – Film Screening with Q&A
9:30pm – VIP Reception with JOEL TORRE
(Refreshments will be served. VIP Reception not available to regular Laemmle ticket holders.)

Proceeds benefit FilAm ARTS, a Los Angeles nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts organization, and its programs such as the 20th Anniversary Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC 20) on September 10-11, 2011

Please join FilAm ARTS for an exclusive screening of a Philippine-American co-production – the acclaimed new film, AMIGO, produced by Maggie Renzi, and written and directed by pioneering independent filmmaker John Sayles, the Oscar-nominated writer/director of such films as “Lone Star,” “Matewan,” “Passion Fish,” and “Eight Men Out.” It features a stellar cast that includes such Filipino acting greats as Joel Torre, Bembol Roco, Rio Locsin and Ronnie Lazaro– along with veteran American actors like Chris Cooper (Oscar-winner for “Adaptation”), Garret Dillahunt, DJ Qualls, and Yul Vasquez (a current Tony nominee performing on Broadway).

AMIGO is that rare important film, as it addresses the Philippine-American War in 1900, a long forgotten chapter in our history. Writer-director Sayles—who researched and read over a hundred books on this subject in various languages—acknowledged the reality that the Philippine-American War is a little-known event and not properly chronicled, even in the Philippines itself. As such, AMIGO is a film that’s more than just entertainment—it can serve as a viable educational tool, one that can enlighten and edify Filipinos and Americans of all ages, from students to seniors, and in the process, bridge the understanding between two cultures and across generations, past and future. Shot in Bohol and already endorsed by the Department of Education in the Philippines, AMIGO opens on Friday, August 19th across major U.S cities.

The screening / Q&A will be followed by an exclusive VIP Reception featuring renowned Filipino acting legend JOEL TORRE (plays the lead role of “Rafael”) and other special guests, to be held at Thai Dishes, Santa Monica (walking distance from the theater). Refreshments will be served. (VIP Reception available only to FilAm ARTS Benefit ticket holders.)

website / trailer:
Joel Torre:​/about-the-film/cast/joel-​torre/


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Attention all BUY PINOY friends,

We are pleased to announce  that the 1st ever Project PSA screening will take place:

Sat. March  19


SIPA (Search to Involved Pilipino Americans)

3200 W. Temple  St.

Historic Filipinotown

Los Angeles, CA 90026

This project was headed by FilAm Creative, matching a non-profit organization with a filmmaker to help create PSA’s (Public Service Announcements).  These PSA’s will be used to help bring awareness of the various non-profit organizations in our community that exist to help us all.  We had the honor of working with Philip Buiser from Two Penguins.  Come see our PSA, as Philip really did a great job on it.

Please come to the viewing event and get to meet everyone involved in person!  Pass along to your friends, family, etc.

You can also help promote the event by using the below links.

Links to blast to your people:

Facebook event page:


Facebook org. page:

Twitter:, @filamcreative21005920

Let me know if you have any questions.



January 12th, 2011

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January 12th, 2011


JAN. 30th, 2011…11a-5p

Wilson Park, Torrance, CA

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Our very own Joe Bataan is performing tomorrow night at the Gibson Amphitheatre Universal City Walk for 92.3 FM’s Chicano Soul Legends concert!  Come check out the “ordinary guy” himself and tell him that FilAm ARTS sent you!

Joe Bataan will join us as one of our headliners for the 20th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture, September 10-11, 2011.  Stay tuned for more details and for more messages from Joe himself!

Stay dry out there, it’s going to be a wet weekend!

BUY PINOY!   You have a few days left for Holiday shopping!  Take a look at our current list of businesses/artists!

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Beatrock Anniversary Celebration


Beatrock Music, the independent record label home to BambuOtayo DubbPower StruggleThe CounterParts, and Bwan is celebrating its first birthday! Now a year deep in the music scene with six releases under its belt, Beatrock Music has a lot to celebrate. To mark the occasion, the label is putting on two events. The first will be onDecember 10th at The Cellar in Long Beach. The second will be the following evening on December 11th at Pier 23 in San Francisco. Both events promise to be chock-full of live entertainment, from live music by label musicians to live artwork by the Beatrock Artists Kollective.

Doors open at 8pm on both nights. Admission will be $10 at the door. $8 pre-sale tickets are available now at Both events are 21 and up.

12/10: LONG BEACH – The Cellar (201 East Broadway)
Live Performances by:
·         Bambu and DJ Phatrick
·         Power Struggle
·         Otayo Dubb
·         The CounterParts
·         Bwan
·         L.U.V
·         K-nine
Host: Mass Movement
DJs: DJ ET and Krissfader

12/11: SAN FRANCISCO – Pier 23 (Pier 23 on the Embarcadero)
Live Performances by:
·         Otayo Dubb
·         Power Struggle
·         Dirty Boots
·         Kiwi
·         Rocky Rivera
Host: Bambu
DJs: DJ RozaDJ FonzFatgums and Gammaray

The events will also celebrate the birthdays of Nomi of Power Struggle, Rachel and James of Dirty Boots, and DJ Phatrick!

Please check out the promo video attached and help spread the word!




For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Luna George

“In the Graffiti subculture, practitioners are known as “writers” because graffiti is about writing your name on as many surfaces as possible. Although many writers elevate their art form to the level of creating huge and beautiful murals, they all began their journey as an artist by first learning to write and perfect their name. The Sharpie marker is often the first tool a writer acquires in his lifelong journey to hone his craft and in becoming an artist“ states Man One on

Los Angeles, CA – Crewest is proud to present “The Sharpie Show II” an exhibit featuring unique works of art from all over the world, created solely by a well rounded group of practitioners of the famed marker. These artists have decided to “uncap their creativity” using nothing but a Sharpie!

The Opening Reception will take place Saturday, December 4, 2010 from 6-9pm and will feature live Sharpie art by emerging artist,Douglas Cruise, all the way from Mississippi! Beats by DJ Phyz Ed and free giveaways compliments of Sharpie. The Exhibition runs through Sunday, January 2, 2011. Artwalk event takes place on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 from 6-9pm.

“In the Graffiti subculture, practitioners are known as “writers” because graffiti is about writing your name on as many surfaces as possible. Although many writers elevate their art form to the level of creating huge and beautiful murals, they all began their journey as an artist by first learning to write and perfect their name. The Sharpie marker is often the first tool a writer acquires in his lifelong journey to hone his craft and in becoming an artist“ states Man One on

After the success of last year’s “The Sharpie Show”, Crewest and Man One have decided to bring back this exhibition to Los Angeles with “The Sharpie Show II”. Last year’s exhibit featured original pieces by some of the best known graffiti artists, illustrators and tattoo artists in the country (and beyond) such as Mike Giant, Greg “Craola” Simkins, George Clinton and Lalo Alcaraz. This year’s The Sharpie Show II promises to rock LA to a new creative tempo in the world of Sharpie art and will open people’s eyes to an expanded range of uncapped techniques, styles and talent. All are welcome to come through and enjoy!

In the Featured Artist Room:
Travis Moore impressed us all at the last Sharpie Show with his massive monster of a piece “The Wait of the World” which entailed fine lines designed by his own creative vision. His piece is still unforgettable. This year, Crewest is proud to present Travis Moore as December’s featured artist. His enthusiasm and dedication to using Sharpies as his preferred tool to making outstanding art will be injected into a super Sharpie installation on display and in conjunction with the exhibit all month long. Get your Sharpie on!

Exhibiting Artists:
14bolt, Abe Lincoln Jr., Afex THC, Alexandra Tolbert, Alfie Ebojo, Andre Khazraei, Arpen THC, Bahgo, Bart Saric, BboyB the Hiphop Preservationist, Beenznrice, Benjie, Bob Motown, Branded, Brendan Blowers, Bron Theron, Chad Kouri, Chris Giorgio, CINK, CJ, Cristian “Smear” Gheorghiu, Dan Ruhrmanty, Donna Letterese, Douglas Cruise, Ezra, Faris Farisaalsaffar, Ghost One, Gil Areola, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Ilse Valfre, Inept, Jacobo Wallker, James Bentley, Jana Bocklund, Jaxiajax, Jeffery Page, JNGL, Jonathan Delgado, Josh Attkisson, JOS-L, JR aka Zombiac, Koffinz One, Lab Studio Designs, Leo Silva, Leticia Maldonado, Lindsey, MAD ONE, Man One, Mark Dugally, MelonJames, Michael Pizarro, Mildred, Modern Day Monster, Mr. Puppet, Ms. Klue, New Colony, Nils Jawa, OkiraMyth, Omar Martinez, Oso, Phloe, PHONETICONTROL, REL.ONE, Rick Rodriguez, ROME, Ruthie Pie, S. Watters, Septerhed, Sergio D. Robleto, Sherrie Thai, SIMS, Sloke, Smerf One, Steve Martinez aka Pablo Jimenez, Todd, Travis Moore, Two Rabbits, VOX, Xirena, Xplode One DCV, Yumi Sakugawa, Zender and more…

Link to pics from last year’s Sharpie Show:

List of artist websites:

Sneak Preview:

Link to flyer image:

Crewest Gallery is located at 110 Winston St. Los Angeles, CA 90013. Crewest is a gallery that supports some of the most talented underground artists from the West Coast and beyond. The gallery’s focus is on urban & graffiti art created through painting, sculpture, digital, and print medias. All of the exhibits housed at Crewest deal with what is current, and significant within the realm of the urban art experience. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday: Noon to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday: Noon to 8 p.m.; Sunday: Noon to 6 p.m. and Mondays are closed. For more information, please call 213.627.8272, email at or