Happy Holidays!

December 5th, 2012

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season!  Looking forward to starting off the New Year with a fresh outlook and good energy to accomplish some new goals.

If you are still shopping, please visit any of the BUY PINOY businesses.  If you have a favorite you do not see on here, please refer them to the site and have them add their business to the free listing.

Have a great time with your loved ones.


Hi Folks…

As we head further into the holiday season, make it a point to check out your favorite Buy Pinoy businesses and check for their sales/specials.  The CHOICE of WHERE you spend your money is completely yours.  YOU have the opportunity to support your own, or add more money to the profit margins of mega-corporations who do not give back to the community.

Now who can’t wait to eat some Turkey and Ham?

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Message from JOE BATAAN

April 17th, 2012

June 23rd 2012 concert@LEHMAN COLLEGE BRONX NY 8PM JOE BATAAN/BLUE MAGIC—ticket info 718-960-8833 or LehmanCenter.org for online tickets This announcement is on my FB PAGE AND WEBSITE www.joebataan.com—-address for concert is; LEHMAN CENTER 250 BEDFORD PARK BLVD WEST BRONX NY NY 10468 THANKS

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Let’s face it; our lifestyles makes us no stranger to stress. We work full-time jobs, raise families, pay bills, fight traffic, find time to eat properly, deal with difficult people and all this can take a toll on our physical and mental health.

Our featured Buy Pinoy business is Breathe Bodyworks, owned by Jenn Tamera. For the past seven years, Jenn has been evolving her mobile spa business into a more diverse holistic health community.

Breathe Bodyworks started off as a mobile spa company, bringing massage therapy to homes, corporate businesses and community events. Breathe Bodyworks not only provided a service; it’s soul purpose was also to educate the community about holistic health, well-being and healing.

Breathe Bodyworks teamed up with visual artist, Alfie Numeric, and formed a healing arts festival to Downtown LA called Soul Space. In 2005 and 2006, they hosted a day-long festival at coffee house/art gallery Lost Souls Cafe featuring workshops, massage therapy, reiki, musical performances, yoga classes and a month long art show.

Soul Space was present in the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture 2006 selling art from featured artists and successfully booking the whole day with on-site massage therapy by licensed practitioners.

Jenn Tamera is also the developer of Isagaya Flow, her version of yoga and massage combined. “Isa” means one & “gaya” means reflecting which describes her style of yoga massage; what energy you put out will be returned back to you.

n this workshop you reflect upon oneself. Flow rollers are used to roll out tight muscles & sustain pressure points. You will be guided through various postures & by the end of the workshop you will have created a personalized therapy session that is a perfect reflection of you. You will leave feeling like you just experienced a deep tissue massage, a deep stretch, & energetic clarity.

Travel Yoga: Yoga for your Active Lifestyle now available on DVD in Amazon.com

One of Jenn Tamera’s latest endeavors is her yoga instructional DVD called “Travel Yoga: Yoga For Your Active Lifestyle.” This DVD teaches how to decompress from travel stress and how taking time for yourself is important for your health. You can purchase the DVD on Amazon.com.

If you are living in the Southern California area and you are interested in booking Jenn’s spa services, taking yoga or Isagaya Flow classes, want to learn about urban gardening or buying products regarding relaxation and health, connect with her at BreatheBodyworks.net . Currently she is offering Spring Detox and energy  sessions, yoga on the beach by donations (suggested $10-20 donation but nobody will be turned away by the lack of funds,) or interested in her monthly Soul Space Garden, go to her website at breathebodyworks.net for more information.

Or give Breathe Bodyworks a “like” on Facebook.

Breathe Bodyworks offers yoga on the beach by donation

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

March 18th, 2012

All you half-Irish Pinoys/Pinays celebrating today…Have a safe St. Paddy’s day!

Wait, that goes for everyone!  Be safe out there!

Enjoy all the Pinoy-owned bars throwing down the green drinks today~


January 26th, 2012

Please take a look at the BUY PINOY listing if you are in need of vendors for your festival.  Many of them have consistently participated across various events/festivals.


January 18th, 2012

The year is upon us.  There is a ton of work to do and everyone can do their part.  What are you’re goals for the year for your business?

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Check out all of our BP listed businesses for special pricing for the Holiday season…







10/17/11: Another Monday

October 18th, 2011


Another Monday ya’ll.  There are tons of events going on that Fil-Am’s are involved in.  We are everywhere, yet we can’t be seen.   I know it’s not in our culture to support our own (other than family, and that’s questionable sometimes), but if we do not change that behavior…we will remain to be unseen.

Do some research.  Find a Pinoy-Owned business that you don’t mind supporting.  By investing your money in OUR community, you will help keep Pinoy businesses visible to everyone out there.  Why support your own?  Well, most people do it out of pride.  Some do it because they are creators and builders.  Some see a bigger picture for the future of our children.  Can it happen?  Anything can happen if you have a vision.  Is that vision the same for everyone?

What do we all have in commons as Filipinos?

Hi All,

Yoganette Yoga Studio in West Covina has a special promotion for a limited time only: “3 weeks of Yoga for $39″.  Please inquire with the studio for more info.


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