BUY PINOY is a community outreach campaign developed by FilAm ARTS designed to:

-stimulate community support of Filipino-owned businesses

-promote community support of Filipino culture and arts (through their businesses)

-encourage Filipino consumers to invest their dollars within the community

-showcase all Filipino-owned businesses in the Los Angeles Areas (Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, Glendale, Carson, Cerritos, West Covina, Panorama City, Van Nuys, Chino Hills, etc)


FilAm ARTS is offering this community outreach campaign as a service for businesses, using its network of community supporters, audiences and media partners. We invite local businesses to sign up and be listed on the BUY PINOY site. With this listing, you will immediately gain access to the online audience of the Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture who are your potential customers or fellow businessmen. As a business, you can never advertise your goods/services enough and community support will get you through this economy.

As customers, we ask that you help support and build our community by shopping at BUY PINOY businesses or hiring BUY PINOY talent.  Collectively as a people here in Los Angeles, we are the #1 Asian-American population and have spending power of over $35 billion.   With that kind of spending power, we should be able to help build our community by choosing where we spend that money.  You can check with any BUY PINOY business for any special pricing or promotion offered.

By spending within your community, you are helping out with the  general goal of creating a self-sustaining and visible community that can no longer be ignored!  Filipinos are everywhere and spend money on all types of products.  Why not spend with your own, help build each others businesses by learning how to support each other?  It can be done with encouraging everyone to participate.

Please pass the word and BUY PINOY!